United States of America
Electrical Engineering and Information Systems


I'm very glad I had the opportunity to enroll in the IME program and study at The University of Tokyo. Doing so allowed me to conduct research alongside world-class researchers and professors, publish in international journals, and travel abroad numerous times to present at international conferences - all while getting to experience life in Japan and making lifelong friends.
My professor played a huge role in making my time at the University as fruitful as it was. He was also an international student in the past and was well aware of the worries and impediments students face in a totally foreign environment. He was always there to bulldoze any roadblocks in my way and was a constant source of advice and encouragement. He paid special care in my research that the skills I gained and the tools I worked with would be valuable and marketable in both Japanese and international industries.

The workers in the IME office are also always there to help - they've already worked with innumerable students and have developed systems to make transition as straightforward as possible so that you can focus on your studies and research.

I'd definitely encourage students interested in the program to apply. The program will ask a lot of you, and you'll grow in kind!