RASFULDI, Renaldo, Naldi

RASFULDI, Renaldo, Naldi
Mechanical Engineering

I did my masters under the guidance of Professor Atsushi Tsutsumi. My research topic was “Thermoelectric Heat Circulator Based on Self-Heat Recuperation Technology”. It was a fundamental research in the field of chemical processing which when applied can significantly reduce the energy requirements of any chemical processes. My research involved both simulation and experimental work that was very satisfying for me personally since I was able to apply the simulations that I’ve done immediately in the research lab. My research went as well as it did thanks to the guidance of Prof. Tsutsumi and the non-stop advice I received from my senpais during my study there.
When I first applied to the MEM program I couldn’t speak any Japanese which was intimidating at first, but after receiving a few email replies from Umeda-san and Minegishi-san of the MEM office I felt assured that I could finish my application and contact prospective professors even with minimum knowledge of the Japanese language.
It didn’t take me long to adapt to Todai and Japanese life. With the energetic Todai campus life in the hustling and bustling city of Tokyo, I believe many of the MEM students felt the same way I did. In fact, I enjoyed it so much that I decided to work in Tokyo after I graduated!