Mechanical Engineering

I think anything I describe here, would only be an approximation of my real experience as an IME graduate program (earlier MEM) member. This program provided me with my first glimpses into the Japanese culture and lifestyle by organizing numerous cultural events, language classes, get-togethers and occasional trips to far-flung areas, be it the pristine village of Shirakawago or majestic Fuji-san. In fact, even before arriving in Japan, the IME staff was trying its best to streamline my transition into the life here. Over time, I have started to think of the IME staff as more like a friend than some official I had to deal with. Whenever I had an issue, they would be more than happy to assist me, case in point, when I was working away from Tokyo and needed some document, they did everything in their capacity to make sure that I received it in time.

As far as the academic life is concerned, my research dealt with exploiting the effects of nano-structuring on thermal properties of solids. I was supervised by Prof. Junichiro Shiomi at Mechanical Engineering Department. Working in a country with a unique culture and entirely different language can be challenging, and sometimes really overwhelming. Fortunately, my supervisor and my colleagues were always there to patiently guide my life in and around the laboratory. Coupled with adequate and state-of-the-art research facilities, I had a couple of fruitful years at Shiomi laboratory. Even after graduating, I continue to maintain a healthy relationship with the lab and its members.
Regarding the UTokyo experience, I’d say it is a great institution, with several years of history and numerous Nobel laureates among its strong alumni-base to boast off, to be associated with. I would forever be indebted for the work-ethic and the humility this place has inculcated in me. Here, I had the opportunity to meet some of the most culturally diverse set of friends, enriching me with their unique experiences and outlook towards the world.

Lastly, talking about Japan, a country for which the list of claim to fame is ever long, covering, technology, anime, natural beauty, food, politeness, etc., I think even from a non-academic point of view, it is one travel destination, which ought to be on everybody’s itinerary. So, my advice for all those thinking about coming to UTokyo, please don’t let the initial hesitation of an alien culture and language, hold you back. It will open a world full of novel experiences, friends and values, for you. Good Luck and make the best of it.