Palar, Pramudita, Satria

Palar, Pramudita, Satria
Aeronautics and Astronautics

As for my background, I did my Ph.D. at The University of Tokyo under the supervision of Professor Takeshi Tsuchiya in the field of aerospace design. To be exact, I was developing a method to accelerate engineering design optimization process that combines a so-called artificial evolution and function approximation technique. Moreover, I was also working on the development of uncertainty quantification methodology, which is a subject undergoing intense study  in science and engineering right now.

Studying at the University of Tokyo is probably one of the best experiences that I’ve ever had in life. The experience is totally life-changing and also broadens my knowledge and experience: the research atmosphere, the vibrant city, and superb research facilities. During my Ph.D., I also had an opportunity to become a visiting researcher at University of Cambridge (UK) to work in collaboration with Dr. Geoffrey Thomas Parks during which I was fully supported by my Professor at Tokyo morally and financially. Constant interactions with worldly renowned Professors are truly a rare experience, and you could exactly have that at the University of Tokyo! The IME staffs were also very helpful while still being very cheerful, even I sometimes shared my university life problems with them.

One thing that is really worth mentioning is that education at the University of Tokyo is really affordable compared to its western counterparts.  On top of that, the chance to receive a scholarship is also higher relative to other developed countries, that is, you can study at University of Tokyo by using a scholarship support from either the Japanese government, private companies, or private/national organizations (I received my scholarship from Japan International Cooperation Agency), or if you have a highly supportive professor, even he/she could support you with the lab’s funding!

Now if you are searching for a university that could provide you a top engineering and science education with a top-notch research quality; stop right there, you already found the best one for you: University of Tokyo. Especially if you want to go for engineering studies, joining IME might be  the best path for you. To all future engineers, scientists, researchers, and entrepreneurs (especially my Indonesian fellow): trust me, joining University of Tokyo will be one of the best experiences that you will ever have in life. It will boost your international competitiveness, connections, and skills; surely they would be highly beneficial for your future career.