Andy Tsung-Hsun Wu

Andy Tsung-Hsun Wu
Mechanical Engineering

I was part of the MEM program (now known as IME) during 2010-2016 and have truly enjoyed the experience. The program was very nicely organized and supportive from the application process all the way to graduation. Through MEM, I enrolled in the Mechanical Engineering department and pursued both my Masters and Ph.D. degrees in the Ushida-Furukawa Lab, working on tissue engineering.

Coming from Canada, I was very anxious about living in Japan. However, with the support from the MEM staff and the various language and culture classes offered by the program, I quick got accustomed. Since MEM also has a very diverse student population, I was able to make not only Japanese friends, but also friends from all over the world. Especially the MEM Bus Tour held every Spring was an event I always looked forward to!

If you are considering your graduation education in Asia, I definitely recommend the MEM program at Tokyo University! Not only is the university prestigious and engaging, life in Tokyo is certainly one worth experiencing!