Christopher Thomas RAABE

Christopher Thomas RAABE  
Aeronautics and Astronautics

I am working under Professor Shinji Suzuki doing research in the field of controls. The title of my thesis is “Failure-Tolerant Control and Vision-Based Navigation for Hexacopters.” My research has been a nice balance between developing the theory and performing practical flight experiments using a small UAV.

I really enjoy working at Hongo campus. There is quite a lot of green compared to most of Tokyo. I often like to study at one of the cafes on campus. The staff of the MEM program is fantastic! They helped me navigate all of the procedures to enroll in the University, sign up for classes, find housing and financial aid, etc. They have arranged some VERY memorable study tours (a.k.a. field trips) both inside and outside of Tokyo and they were extremely helpful following the big earthquake of 3-11-11.

Becoming an international student in Japan can seem scary or overwhelming, but the MEM program is really effective at making it more manageable for non-Japanese speakers. I strongly encourage new MEM students to take advantage of the fun activities that they prepare for international students.