Mechanical Engineering


DAIGUJI, Hirofumi, Dr. Eng.
Email: daiguji[at]
Thermal Engineering, Nanoscale Transport Phenomena, Energy Systems

IZUMI, Satoshi, Dr. Eng.
Email: izumi[at]
Computational Machanics, Molecular Dynamics

MARUYAMA, Shigeo, Dr. Eng.
Email: maruyama[at]
Carbon Nanotubes, Graphene, Solar Cells, Nano-Thermal Engineering, Molecular Dynamic

MURAKAMI, Tamotsu, Dr. Eng.
Email: murakami[at]
Design Engineering, Information Technology for Synthesis, Solid Freedom Fabrication

NAKAO, Masayuki, Dr. Eng.
Email: nakao[at]
Micro-manufacturing, Machining Tool Instrumentation

SHIOMI, Junichiro, Ph. D.
Email: shiomi[at]
Nano-scale Thermal Energy Engineering, Interfacial fluid dynamics, Thermoelectrics

SUGITA, Naohiko, Dr. Eng.
Email: sugi[at]
Cutting, Machine Tools, Gear Grinding, Medical Device

SUZUKI, Yuji, Dr. Eng.
Email: ysuzuki[at]
Micro energy, Flame to wall interaction and micro combustion, Advanced thermal devices

TAKAGI, Shu, Dr. Eng.
Email: takagi[at]
Bio-Fluid Mechanics, Dispersed Multiphase Flows, Micro-Flows

Email: jun.52074.yanagimoto[at]
Engineering Materials, Forming, Plasticity

Associate Professors:

CHIASHI, Shohei, Ph.D.
Email: chiashi[at]
Nano-scale Thermal Engineering, Nano-materials, Carbon Nanotubes

CHOI, Junho, Dr. Eng.
Email: choi[at]
Surface engineering, Thin film tribology, Carbon related materials, 3-Dimensional DLC coating

DELAUNAY, Jean-Jacques, Dr. Eng.
Email: jean[at]
Nanostructures for Environmental Sensing and Energy Conversion Applications

FURUKAWA, Katsuko, Dr. Eng.
Email: furukawa[at]
Artificial Organs, Tissue Engineering, Cardiovascular Research, Biomedical Engineering

HARADA, Kanako, Dr. Eng.
Email: kanako[at]
Surgical assistance robots and devices

KINEFUCHI, Ikuya, Dr. Eng.
Email: kine[at]
Molecular Thermo-fluid Dynamics, Rarefied Gas Dynamics, Microscale Gas Flows

KODAMA, Takashi, Dr. Eng.
Email: kodama[at]
Nano-scale heat transport, Thermoelectrics, Micro/Nano fabrication

NAGATO, Keisuke, Dr. Eng.
Email: nagato[at]
Nanofabrication, nanoimprinting, optical device, fuel cell

OANA, Hidehiro, Dr. Eng.
Email: oana[at]
Bionanotechnology, Soft Matter Physics

UCHIDA, Kenich, Ph.D.
Email: UCHIDA.Kenichi[at]
Spintronics, Spin caloritronics, Thermoelectric conversion

YAMASAKI, Yudai, Dr. Eng.
Email: yudai_y[at]
Distributed Energy System, Internal Combustion Engine, Engine Dynamics

YANAGISAWA, Hideyoshi, Dr. Eng.
Email: hide[at]
Design Engineering, Affective Design, Kansei, Cross-Modal, User Experience Design


HATANO, Asuka, Ph.D.
Email: hatano[at]
Computational Mechanics, Bio-Mechanics, Finite Element Method

HSU, Wei-Lun, Dr. Eng.
Email: wlhsu[at]
Nanofluidics, Electrokinetics, Thermal Engineering

MORIMOTO, Kenichi, Dr. Eng.
Email: morimoto[at]
Optimal design and control of heat and fluid flows, Microfluidic devices

SHIGA, Takuma, Dr. Eng.
Email: shiga[at]
Nano-scale thermal transport, phonon engineering, thermal management

UEDA, Kazutaka, Ph.D.
Email: ueda[at]
Cognitive Neuroscience, Emotional Engineering, Creative Thinking

Faculty with Joint Appointments

*see for affiliated faculty.

Institute of Industrial Science (Off-site Faculty Members)


KATO, Chisachi, Dr. Eng.
Email: ckato[at]
Fluid Flow and Thermal Systems Control

NAKANO, Kimihiko, Dr. Eng.
Email: knakano[at]
Dynamics, Measurement and Control for Mobility

OSHIMA, Marie, Dr. Eng.
Email: marie[at]
Computational Fluid Dynamics, Bio-Fluid Mechanics, Micro-Fluidics

SATO, Fumitoshi, Dr. Sc.
Email: satofumi[at]
Computational Biomolecular Science

SHIKAZONO, Naoki, Dr. Eng.
Email: shika[at]
Solid Oxide Fuel Cell, Heat Engine, High Efficiency Energy System

Email: aa21150[at]
Biotransport, Biopreservation, Heat transport devices

SUDA, Yoshihiro, Dr. Eng.
Email: suda[at]
Dynamic Systems and Control for Vehicles

USUKI, Hiroshi, Dr. Eng.
Email: usuki[at]
Cutting, Difficult-to-cut materials, Tool damage mechanism, Suppressing of adhesion

Email: yam[at]
Design Engineering

YOSHIKAWA, Nobuhiro, Dr. Eng.
Email: yoshi[at]
Multi-scale Solid Mechanics

Associate Professors:

AZIZ, Muhammad, Dr. Eng.
Email: maziz[at]
Energy Systems, Process Design, Hydrogen, Energy Conservation, Exegy Recovery, CO2 Capture and utilization, Smart Grid, Vihicle-to-Grid

FURUSHIMA, Tsuyoshi, Dr. Eng.
Email: tsuyoful[at]
Materials Forming and Processing

HASEGAWA, Yosuke, Dr. Eng.
Email: ysk[at]
Prediction and Control of Turbulent Transport Phenomena

TSUCHIYA, Kensuke, Dr. Eng.
Email: tsu[at]
Micro Machining, Precision Machining, Medical Engineering

UMENO, Yoshitaka, Dr. Eng.
Email: umeno[at]
Computational Materials Science, Strength of Materials, Ab initio Simulation


Email: y-ymkw[at]
High-speed Robot, Human-Robot Interaction, Robot Manipulation